Cold English

by Cold English

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(free) 06:21


released August 18, 2013

Vocals - David Allie
Guitar - Andy Hines and Colton Henrickson
Keys - Alan Gadzinski
Bass - Mo Grier
Drums - Ryan Brukwinski

All Songs Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by John Dion




Cold English Detroit, Michigan

We're a band. We make music. We hope you like it. If you do tell a friend.

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Track Name: Fuck About A Dollar
Verse 1:

And it starts with that sound
my hearts with that sound
can't part with that sound
it's called an instrumental cause it's instrumental
to your life, well at least it is to mine so
this little light of mine
I'ma let it shine
let me in open blinds
blind man given sight
sees for the first time his plight
underground for a minute, no we back with the soundtrack to flight so
clear all runways, run DET for days
my word is bond for the duration of our marathon
the shit we be on
is the treasure De La found, found it diggin' potholes in my lawn
X marked the spot, bumpin' criminal minded KRS-1
RIP Scott La Rock
so don't stop the body rock
vibe is never to hot
it's nothin' anyways me and the band just warmin up so
just follow me let your body go
pon the beat pon the melody blow
to jolly green giant proportions FE FI FO
fum get dum, want some here it come
yall anticipate it with the sound of the drum
we're glad you all made it broadcasting live from the slums
and we get the Job done so get to passin the funds cause


you see it's just a daily transaction
cash in the hands of one goes to another
so let the dollars circulate, let the dollars circulate
put the funds in rotation
many guns ablazin' for those tryin' to chase it
we puttin sense in the equation
to make a change

so I could give a fuck about a dollar
I make change, I make sense

Verse 2

cats is senseless really
the beamers benz and bentleys
you know that money's funny making everybody friendly
but the jokes on you when it runs out
now you got the guns out
trying to take the funds out the
hand of another brother sister in relation
time is money wanna make it stretch
utilize your patience
doctors utilizing patients
for modern day Tuskegee experiments
experiments with heroin
Heriones was helpless
strength was in the numbers
of communities stickin' together
but now they broken
divide to the conquer
say hi to the monster
as the anchor slides to the sponsor
who be makin' all the news if they breakin' all the rules
it's a brain drain game conversation with the fools
contagious through the ages
a virus in the matrix now the systems not worth saving but

Track Name: This Shit Right Here
I am on my J-O
comin' for your head my suggestion lay low
it's my world chillin' with fly girls J-Lo
the money fame won't change remain the same soul
soul glo Eric LaSalle
I inherit the style
from the trials, tribulations, complications
but it's a beautiful struggle
ask Aptemal how Detroit Hustle
get it after midnight on my mitten marauder
my tribe so live on the quest to take it farther
destination one strip closer
one foot in front of the other my brother LETS GO
and we gon' walk that walk
it's all love play it dove till they wanna see the hawk
sparks fly, like love at first sight
same feelin' that I had when I touched the mic
give it here, you ain't clutchin it right
hip hops hot sex on a platter you ain't fuckin' it right
rhymes something like a nine and you tuckin' a knife
matter fact pass that, I'm cuttin' a slice


nowadays everybody got a flow
everybody got soul
everybody got a beat
but this shit right here's
for my people on the block let in knock in the street
and this shit right here
somethin' somethin' somethin' you gotta hear
and this shit right here
nothin' nothin' nothin' is comin' near

verse 2

we stay ahead of the pack
course we are other rap cats settin' us back
slave deal whip and the chain
i'm flippin the game
gymnastic acrobatic if you get what i'm sayin'
the underground is now over
our stream is the main
Sound company fly like a jet or a plane
crash parties Kamikaze for thinkin' we playin'
carve that SSC in your chest Zorro
don't be forgettin' the name
and I'm bettin' your lame flwo
and wreckin' the same
when we be lettin' them thangs go BLAOW
Koolin' with your shorty givin' her MOE D
so how you like me now
Hi Haters Detroit home of the fly gators
where the green and white get you higher than sky skrapers
we enterprise fuck a demo, Hi majors
right now we goin' DOLO yo, welll sign later

Track Name: Choose You
sweet lips
curvaceous hips
i'll tell you right now, this is it
I'm stuck, glutton for bad luck
but you came along, changed rearranged
now the man I was before seems strange
I am far from the same
stormy clouds parted
made way for sunny days
and I have seen the light
for it is resting in your eyes
and it awakes ironically
to 2 eggs sunny side up
with some french toast
and a french kiss
avec moi
bike rides you can sit up on the handle bars
and I'll take you there to a place where

we can take long walks
have long talks
sittin poolside
such a fool am I
but I'll gladly play the fool for you
so gladly I do
and we can hold hands
i'll open doors
slow dance
this is so much more
than what I'm used to
well you can use me up I wanna use you
I choose you

dinner reservations
flight reservations
extended weekends them 3 day vacations
I wanna get lost in you
yo I was so lost but I found you
and now I'm movin' with a purpose
love is a battlefield I just enlisted at your service
and I send that calvary in on trojan horses
you know I wanna keep that fort protected
so baby just swing it this direction
you got all my time love and affection
you are the muse in the music
put the step in my movement
if you listen listen to what I'm sayin


lookin' for something caramel complected
with a body like heaven
saying she got the Cure
cause she is just like heaven

sugar and spice and everything nice
strawberry fields forever I feel
it's realer than real, I can't stand still
I extend my hand, can I have this dance
and then you bow and curtesy
lord have mercy
french vanilla butter pecan ricans all my hersheys
chocolate deluxe to caramel sundays
someday maybe today's that one day
you look in the mirror say what the sun say
you see clear and say what the sun say
and that sun say I SHINE BRIGHT
Track Name: You and I
you were my teacher not too many reached the kid
but you did
in a way that I will always be grateful for
not talkin' ABCs and 1,2,3,4s
I'm talkin' understand what it takes to be a man and more
that if I set my mind to it
I can and I soar
your assurance gives me endurance
times when I can take no more
I think back to the track me runnin' long distance
through shin splints torn ligaments
I still finished
then I think back to the class
either I was cuttin', high, maybe focused on some ass
but alas I still passed flyin' colors
I got a funny way of gettin' there
but this brotha's gettin' there
one way or the other
from the gutter to the butter yeah now i'm on a roll
but I won't forget what got me here I thought that you should know

you run across the mind from time to time
pushin' forward but sometimes rewind to push it back
you don't know where you're goin if you don't know where you been
you won't find me forgettin' my past
I learn from that so
I find myself thinkin' of you
from time to time you run across the mind and I wonder
do you find yourself thinkin of me
it's you and i just it's you and i blessed

perpetually single
ever-ready to mingle
spit that game at every dame they were the same until I met YOU
you're something different
couldn't put my finger on it but reasoning be damned
i just know that i want it
first relationship, first true love
yeah it's you love and now that I done grew up
i realized my mistakes
i realized it's too late
to reconcile cause i heard you plan to walk down the aisle with my replacement
you should accept no imitations
and i would preach that to the the choir on that day up at your congregation
but i heard if you love let it go this is me bein patient
see i am waitin' for you to say the word
and ditch the herb and come back quit playin
but if that day ain't
in the card I won't consider it a loss appreciatin'
the time we shared you're part of my education
I learn from my past if we weren't meant to last
i will move past that
these wounds'll heal with the time
but from time to time I might go back into my mind and reminisce


although we mostly play it out of sight out of mind
on our respective grinds, grind till we're out of time
I, you know I wouldn't have it any other way
and we don't have to see each other every other day
or every week, or even every year
all you gotta do is say the words i'll be right there
that's word bond
see that's the shit we been on since day 1, 2, 3, and to the 4
and those beers got poured
those joints got lit
a couple lines got cut
lost a couple boys to that shit
young and stupid
but grew with passin' days and everyday a glass is raised to their memory
i put em in the rhymes and they'll live on through me
others tell their story they'll live on through them
and we'll have a smile have a cry every time they're mentioned
but keep em in the diction so we don't forget em
no matter where we go we'll always be connected
no place like home
Michigan born and bred don't forget it
won't let it leave the memory
so from time to time my mind is focused on my family in the D and that's REAL

Track Name: Feelin' Good
it's like you've been waitin' for this moment
so you might as well own it
an SSC performance
enormous like Norbit's waistline after buffet portions
you see we do this for the lost
the meek, the poor, the orphans neglected
pied piper through the streets
send children the message
you are special don't you ever forget it
the world will be what you make it
you can just follow me i promise we gon take it there
you just gotta promise me that you'll lead one day
of course when you're ready
no need to pressure or force it
just know there are forces at work
that'll work
to see you don't achieve changin' the status quo
to fat cats stayin' fat is the goal
and your soul, they don't wanna see it glow
but fuck em and they money flow
cause this flow that I got's gonna change the globe
that's right it's gonna change the globe
let's go

i'm feelin' good (x2)
i hope it's understood we gone be alright
that's why i'm sayin' i feel so good (x2)

fuck the trials and tribulations
your facin
life is amazing
every moments a miracle
and it's happenin right before your eyes
open em wide
and see for the first time life
yeah it has its ups and downs but me and you done been around
that block a couple times
shit by now maybe a few so you know to do you and I'ma do me
just set yourself free be who you wanna be
no need to live up to their expectations
but you best set yours high
expect more from yourself steady work on that climb
on that rise on that fly
i'm sure you'll be surprised but i promise not I
not in the least
i knew you'd be right there
deep down inside my mind I knew you'd take flight we're
we're feelin' good


i promise it's gone be alright
i know that fight that we fight
seems like it's been forever
and it'll prolly be forever
but you can't give up
it's me and you forever
so it's whatever
you just say whenever
wherever and i'll be right there
ready to beat whatever down like a kick and a snare
i sit and I stare out the window of my residence
lookin' to the sky i'm lookin' for a sign
do i go left or right at this fork in the road
only the lord knows
i suppose our definitions differ on religion
but how ever you livin'
if you livin' for the life that you're livin'
and you livin' for the life that you've given to your children
we ain't so different we know it takes a village
so your daughters my daughter
my son is your son
no matter the division, realize we are one
one heart, one love
one blood, one sun
that shines for you and I, that's why you and I are feelin' good